Managed Content Retrievel

Safety is our first priority and together with our conclusive health and safety plan we can be assured that our staff are safe and the retrieval is managed well within our risk parameters. Each individual recovery has an as built engineered approval, peer reviewed externally by relevant required engineers.

Our staff undergo the following pre-qualifications:
  1. A five pot drug test
  2. A criminal history check
  3. Site safe training
  4. In house procedural training
  5. A full onsite induction
  6. All have comprehensive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The process is impervious to question, and your clients can be assured that our systems enable complete security.

We can guarantee:
  1. Complete security
  2. A complex break down of the contents schedule for your final assessment
  3. Complete confidentiality
  4. All keys returned and held by a third party
  5. A comprehensive unquestionable final report.

1Geo provide professional services and solutions for all your residential, commercial and civil requirements.

Being pre qualified in the business of demolition, deconstruction, site clearing, project management and a pivotal company in the rebuild of Canterbury. We work alongside clients with empathy providing a quality result for you, our clients and your customers.

Contents Removal:

We have achieved full accreditation with the following organisations:

  1. CERA category C Full accreditation
  2. Fletchers EQR
  3. Hawkins (State, NZI)
  4. Steam (Tower)
  5. MWH Mainzeal (VERO)
  6. RCP (Christchurch City Council)