Deconstruction and Demolition

Deconstruction and Demolition is core to our business. Our methodology is at the extreme end of sustainable. We follow strictly to the REBRI waste management system allocating all our deconstruction materials to be either recycled or reused. We are an environment friendly company.

We confidently offer effective, safe deconstruction of residential commercial and industrial property. The diverse combined skill of our team quickly and expertly and sensitively can deconstruct the most difficult of sites pushing the material to the appropriate waste streams

We offer a confident efficient demolition service at a competitive price.

Services and Solutions that 1Geo Demo can provide:
  1. Complete Demolition of buildings
  2. Sensitive deconstruction and contents removal
  3. Partial demolition
  4. Site clearance and preparation
  5. Licensed removal of asbestos
  6. Recording and marking of hazardous areas
  7. Full site management
  8. Professional and confident liaison with clients, customers and insured parties.