Geotechnical Drilling Solutions

By investing in the latest drilling equipment and working in conjunction with leading Geotechnical drilling manufacturers, 1Geo can provide fully integrated, environmentally friendly and cost effective micro piling, anchoring and drilling solutions for most domestic, civil and construction needs.

1Geo utilises mobile drilling units featuring the latest TEI 360o ba drilling heads. This enables 1Geo to work in confined spaces and reach drilling zones that would normally be inaccessible, until now.

The team at 1Geo is built around genuine and qualified drilling experience, backed with the technology and research from the leaders in the field of drilling terra firma. The result –dedicated, prompt, professional service and drilling solutions.

1Geo’s Drilling Services
  1. Ground stabilisation
  2. Slope stabilisation
  3. Pinning and grouting
  4. Ground anchoring – Soil, clay and rock
  5. Protection barriers – Rockfall and debris flow
  6. Chemical extraction and explosive
  7. 360 degree direction drilling
  8. Investigative drilling
  9. Geotechnical and environmental drilling
  10. Avalanche prevention structures